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Guild Values

We raid for content, not loot. 

Seeing and experiencing the content is a higher priority to us then any specific piece of gear. We know that if we run the content we will eventually loot the item. We do not mourn losing a roll to another member of the raid; We congradulate them on their fortune and take pride in our teamwork. The gear will come as we raid, so we remain focused on downing bosses. 

We recruit people, not Avatars. 

Our guildmembers are our team; not raid slots. We do not judge the worth of a player by their meter scores. What we require of our guild members is a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and accept helpful advice without taking offence. We would sooner recruit someone who is not completely epic geared who has a good attitude and willingness to learn, succeed and prosper, than someone who is only here because we can get them gear. In the end, good players produce good meter scores. 

While raid attendance every night is not mandatory, please keep us informed. 

We do not require everyone to raid every night; nor do we have an attendance quota. We only ask that you remain active and that you be there if you say you are going to. If you cannot come, simply click declined on calendar invites or mail or whisper an officer if your uncertain whether you will be able to attend or not.  

What we expect of our guild members/raiders: 

Courtesy - To your fellow guildmates, your fellow raiders, and your fellow Alliance.  

How you act in game reflects on us. A nasty reputation can damage a guild, so we expect all our members to be respectful and mature towards one another



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